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Does your business have a local physical location in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or another Valley city? Is it a brick-and-mortar business that relies on local walk-in traffic? Do you want to be found for keyword phrases like "Local SEO Services Near Me," and you don't care if someone in the next state over is searching for you? Then you want a Phoenix SEO Company to optimize your website and online presence for local search results.

What is the difference between local SEO and plain old vanilla SEO? The most significant difference is where on the search results page we target to get you visible. For local SEO, we would prioritize and make the goal to put you on the Google Map that comes up when you search instead of, or in addition to, the natural or organic results that show below the map or when no map is displayed. A generic search for restaurant shows the difference in the search results.
Restaurant Local or Map Based Results
Restaurant Local SEO Google Search Results
Restaurant Organic or Natural Search Results

Restaurant Organic SEO Google Search Results
Google My Business "Panel"
Ensuring you have completely entered all appropriate information on a Google Business Profile is critical to local SEO success.

As an example, we redesigned a website for a Scottsdale Adventure Tour Company. The new site went live, we started our SEO and monitoring our keyword phrases, but for some reason, they weren't showing up in the local map pack. Investigating why, the first place we went to was their GBP listing to see what categories they had chosen for the company. Sure enough, they weren't the right ones.

We deleted the wrong one, added a couple of correct ones, filled out the services pages with more information, and waited. A week later, their listing was visible in the local map results for all three of their primary keyword phrases. We can't emphasize enough. Your GMB, now GBP profile will make all the difference in the world to your Local SEO Results!

Shown below are the results when you click on Map or the expand to full screen icon in the GBP Listing Panel. Important information is shown along with a large map. Note the video thumbnail shown in the top left. Uploading videos and photos may also improve your local SEO results.

GMB / Google My Business Listing - Map View

Customer Reviews and Their Impact On Local Search Results

Customer Reviews and Local SEOAre you highly reviewed? Last on our quick tips for ranking for local search queries is to make sure you are getting reviews from your customers. Note the prominence of the Reviews shown in the GBP / Google Business Profile above. Studies have shown that reviews are a factor in who ranks in local search. It's not the most significant factor, but it does influence the results. So if you haven't been inviting your customers to leave reviews, start today. Are you scared of getting less than a 5 Star Review? Don't be. Studies have shown that a ranking in the 4's is more believable to consumers than all 5's. Be sure to include social media links on your site so your customers can leave reviews on social media too. Curious what our reviews read like? View them here.


FAQ's about Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimization, is an SEO strategy helping local brick-and-mortar businesses increase their visibility in search engines and gain more customers. Local SEO is appropriate for companies with walk-in traffic, like restaurants and coffee shops that don't sell outside of their local market, as an e-commerce website would.

While local SEO uses many of the same techniques as traditional SEO, the target audience is those within your neighborhood or, at the most, city or neighboring cities. As such, your address is probably the single most important element in both the local listings and maps listings.


Why is it important to be in the local maps listings?

Location, location, location. It’s not just about real estate anymore. Customers looking to buy right now want to know where they can get your product. So they want to see where you are in comparison to their current location. Google or Apple maps is how they are going to do that. It’s also important to note that those maps in search are at the very top of the page, and that’s what searchers see first. Most aren’t going to keep scrolling if they find what they are looking for at the top of the search results. Studies have shown, these local searches often result in a sale, many times the same day.


Can't I just use Google ads? Is SEO really worth it?

Unlike buying ads, traffic from local, map-based search results is not paid for by the click. Your business visibility in the local map pack results from hiring a Phoenix local SEO company to optimize both your Google My Business listing and perform Local Maps Optimization. SEO tasks performed on your website also influence these results.

There are three problems are relying on Google Ads for your website traffic and for that matter store traffic...
  1. It can be costly, especially if you have competitors with deep pockets. A competitor can outbid you, and their ads can show above yours. Since the higher up in the search results the listings are, the more clicks they get, if they can afford it, competitors can position themselves above you even if they do so just long enough for you to give up.
  2. Secondly, the minute you stop paying, your online visibility is gone. With SEO, the work we do today will work to your benefit for months or years. While you should continue a monthly SEO campaign as long as you can, if forced to pause an SEO campaign, it’s not like flipping a switch and being invisible overnight like pausing an ad campaign.
  3. Last, 80% of people ignore ads. That means 4 out of 5 potential customers won’t click on your ad and will never get to your site. They skip down to the map-based or organic listings and decide on whom to click on there. Can you afford to turn away 80% of your potential customers? So yes, SEO is worth it and will be for years to come. Even Google has said SEO isn’t going to go away.

Does My Website Design Affect My SEO?

SEO and Website Design Go TogetherAbsolutely. A poorly designed website that loads slowly and doesn't have your "money keywords" in the right spot on the right web pages will hurt your website's ranking in the search results. We've got a whole page on our website about Website Design and SEO that you may want to read next.
As a small business owner, if your business goals include improving your digital footprint and increasing your site's traffic to help your business grow, you need a digital marketing plan. That plan should start with having a great website and a budget for a monthly SEO campaign to get it ranked well.

Hiring an Internet marketing partner to help you get your website ranking on the first page will deliver a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

What types of Phoenix businesses can benefit from local SEO?

If you depend on walk-in traffic, your small business needs a local SEO company in Phoenix to "put you on the map" where customers can find you. We've put our SEO tactics to work for companies from Scottsdale business attorneys to tour guides, and contractors to virtual offices. Chances are we can help you too.

How does Local SEO in Phoenix help my business?

Most local businesses have plenty of potential customers, and they live just down the street! Yet if they don't know you exist, they are giving their business to someone else. Purchasing local SEO services from a Phoenix SEO agency can get you found, the customers walking in your door, and the... well, I was about to say cash register ringing, but today maybe the phrase should be the credit card reader running.

What makes BANG! different than other local Phoenix SEO companies?

There are a lot of Phoenix SEO service companies you can choose from, especially in the metro Phoenix SEO market. BANG! should be at the top of your list for these reasons...
  • Decades of experience. We've provided website design, development, and SEO services since before Google existed. We have worked with hundreds of clients across most industries. We promise we can help.
  • Secondly, our website design and development background, while providing the actual website hosting, gives us additional tools for providing speedy sites that score well on Google's new Core Vitals algorithm. Our control of the physical servers gives us one more advantage over the other guys in making the site fast.
  • Last, we have a dedicated team of SEO experts working for you. Chief Pixel Pusher Brian Rideout's drive is to help small businesses succeed online.

Since you've been so patient and read nearly all of our great content on Phoenix Local SEO tactics, let me give you a great tip. Use markup for your local business. It helps search engines, especially Google, know your location, and it uses a standard format to communicate it. You can find more information about it at

If you need help with getting new customers, call the local SEO specialists at BANG! at 602-427-5626 or schedule your free SEO consult online.
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