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SEO for Attorneys

Affordable SEO Services for Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms. We specialize in Law Firm SEO, delivering results without blowing up your budget in the process.

Are you struggling to find client's for your practice. We can help by turning your website into a lead generation machine for new clients. SEO is a critical element in a Law firm marketing plan that will lead to your practice's success. A steady stream of prospective new client's will lead to you not just surviving, but thriving.

Your potential clients act just like you do. When they need something they "Google it". They then choose from the top search results for law firm websites. Sure there are ads at the top of the results, but surprisingly, less than 1/4 of people click on those ads. Today's educated consumers know the difference between paid advertising ads and the natural, organic results they prefer. Studies have shown that people simply trust the natural results more than they do ads.

Small law firms with fewer attorneys in a practice often can't afford expensive pay-per-click campaigns with Google ads. At prices of up to $200 a click, whether you get business or not, ads can be very expensive.

That's why an ongoing, monthly SEO campaign is an affordable option for your practice. With a fixed monthly cost, SEO is investing in your firm's future client acquisition at an affordable rate.
SEO for Law Firms

Competition for the Top of the Google Results

Competition for the client is intense for personal injury attorneys, DUI lawyers, bankruptcy attorneys and even family law attorneys as every law firm is competing for clients. By allowing us to position your firm at the top of the search results page, you will get the first opportunity to be retained by client searching for legal services. Think for a minute about your own "search habits. How far do you scroll on your smartphone's screen before choosing to click on a link? For most, they never scroll past the first 10 organic listings. That's why it's critical to be on page one of the search results to attract clients and grow your practice. 

Law firms often practice not just in one city, but across a region. Licensed by the State, many lawyers practice across an entire state, not just in the city they are located in. Some law firms even work in multiple states.

Law firms practicing in many areas need a broad approach to their Search Engine Optimization so they can rank not just in their city, but in surrounding cities as well. Some attorneys will want to be found for county and state wide searches too.

Local SEO is appropriate for lawyers practicing in just their city or town. Google's "Map Pack" lists the top three attorneys closest to the searchers location. A recent algorithm change by Google, dubbed the "vicinity update" has really focused on your geographic location compared to the person doing the search. As an example, Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, would be a phrase well suited to local search. Ranking in the "Google Map Pack" would be an SEO win in that case. This is a great example of Law Firm Local SEO tactics.

In the example to the right (or below on a phone), our client Phoenix DUI Attorney Aaron Black, is ranked #1 in the local, map based results and #3 in the natural/organic results. Note the review under the local listing... "I found Aaron by googling DUI attorneys." a perfect example of SEO at work, and proof that Law Firm SEO works!
Local SEO for Attorneys and Law Firms