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Digital marketing, or as some refer to it, internet marketing or online marketing, is the process of promoting a company, firm, or organization using a combination of...
A combination of these methods is frequently used as they do complement each other very well with the overall end result of making a firm highly visible and easy to contact through multiple methods.

For most firms, the goal is either lead generation or direct sales through an online store. Let's take a look at each of these methods one by one.
Digital Marketing - Mobile Phone


Naturally enough for a Phoenix digital marketing agency and website development firm, we are going to put having a great website at the top of the Digital Marketing to-do list. Every company today should have a website for prospective customers to find the company online and allow the prospect to get more information, contact the company, and in many cases, make an actual purchase. Today's websites should be built using a Responsive Web Design technique that allows the site to optimize its display for the device viewing it. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, the site should respond to the resolution of the viewing device and adjust accordingly. Click the following link for more information on Responsive Web Design.

Your website should be developed with a clear call to action that directs site visitors to a clear outcome. Generally contacting the company either through a Web form being filled out and e-mailed to the company or by a phone call. Other calls to action might include registering and downloading a white paper, signing up for an e-newsletter, or engaging with the company through social media.

Internet Marketing

Getting Traffic to the Website

Of course, having a website is just the beginning. Unless the site can be found when prospects search generically for keyword phrases relevant to the company, the site will only serve as a tool for prospects that already know the company. Some have used the analogy of a car without an engine for sites that aren't attracting traffic. They may look great, but they aren't going anywhere. The two most popular ways to get traffic to a site are PPC and SEO.

PPC an acronym for Pay Per Click

Is essentially buying ads that are displayed on search engines and other sites the search engines have partnered with when a keyword phrase is searched. For instance, we could bid on the keyword phrase Internet Marketing Company in Phoenix, and an ad would be displayed anytime someone searches for that phrase. If the person conducting the search clicks on the ad, a fee will be deducted from our advertising budget. That's the good news, and you only pay when someone clicks. The bad news, 80% of people, when conducting an Internet search, ignore the ads and skip past them to the natural or organic search results. These results are obtained through an ongoing SEO campaign.

SEO an acronym for Search Engine Optimization

SEO is our preferred method for generating traffic to our client's websites. Long term, it tends to be less expensive, and you aren't paying per ad click. SEO is a process that involves carefully optimizing the content and code on a website for specific keyword phrases, along with making the site highly visible to search engines through a variety of off-page tactics. These may include link building, article posts, online press releases, and directory listings. Content marketing which will discuss next, also contributes to improved search rankings when done properly.

Content Marketing as part of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can come in many different flavors. From simple blog posts to article writing and case study publishing which all involve text-based content to video marketing (principally on YouTube or other video-sharing sites) or audio marketing such as podcasts, all these different methods achieve similar goals, which is making the firm visible among the growing numbers of other firms vying for a prospect's attention.

Done properly, content marketing provides valuable information to prospects in a less "salesy" method. By publishing case studies of how the company has helped others in similar situations or by providing white papers on best practices, you are providing prospects with ammunition to answer the question of "Why hire you?".

Social Media

If connecting with and creating a running dialog with your customers is important to you, then social media is one way to achieve that goal. Business to Business sellers will find LinkedIn may be the most appropriate social media platform for their needs. Business to Consumer sales may find Facebook their most effective platform. Be sure and provide valuable information, don't just try and sell. That approach doesn't work on social media. You'll also need to maintain a regular schedule of posts on whatever social media channels you choose. Nobody wants to visit a social media page and see your last post was six months ago.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingLast on our list is Email marketing. The sending of an E-newsletter or using drip campaigns to provide a sequence of email messages to subscribers. We like email marketing because it's proactive. You're actively sending a message out to clients and prospects and reaching them at least 20 to 50% of the time. You are reaching directly into their inbox, which can't be overstated. It can be extremely difficult these days to reach decision-makers, and this is one way to do an end run around gatekeepers.

Don't confuse email marketing with spamming... that's not what I'm advocating. Everyone on your list needs to have opted in to receive your messages. Be sure to include a clear call to action in your email. What is it you want the recipient to do? Click a link to come to your site? To buy something? Hit reply? Whatever the action, make it clear what you want them to do to see the most benefits of your email marketing.

This has been a quick overview of Online Internet Marketing. For a longer discussion that goes into more detail, watch the video below.

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