Why You Need SEO Services

If your firm or company can't be found when a prospective client or customer searches for your services, in their eyes, you don't exist.

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Being found at the top of the search results is a challenge. SEO by BANG! is the solution.

Whether you are a personal injury attorney or a plumber, you both share a common challenge. You need a steady stream of new customers to thrive in business. Making you visible in Google search is the solution to your client acquisition challenges.

For over 26 years BANG! has provided website design and SEO services for other businesses just like yours. We know what it takes to get found in search and then convert prospects to customers. Our ability to bring a steady stream of prospects to your site, explain your services in language they can understand, and convert them into customers is what we do.

  • Experienced Experts: Helping our client's win at Internet Marketing since 1996, you won't find an internet marketing company with more knowledge of web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • We are here for you: Can't get your current website designer or SEO company on the phone or to return your emails? We answer our phones and return calls and emails promptly. Our calendar is available online to schedule time to discuss your project or concerns.
  • Secure and Easy to Use CMS (Content Management System): You'll be able to edit web content yourself. Not only is our CMS easier to use than WordPress, but it also has a much better security record. Of course, we can take care of any website maintenance or updates for you if you would like.
  • One-Stop-Shop: From domains to design and content development to hosting, we'll handle all of your website design service needs. No dealing with multiple vendors. No finger pointing between the web designer the SEO agency, and your hosting company. Just results!
  • Proven Results: You know experience matters. In front of a jury, or in your customer's home, knowing what it takes to win makes all the difference in the world. The results to the right or below show our client in the #1 position in local search and #3 in the organic results. Winning results we can achive for you too.

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Design | Development | Deploy | Dominate

Today it takes more than just a great looking website to succeed online. Our client's typically go through these four steps. We call it our 4D Approach, and our team of team of Web designers and SEO experts uses this process when designing or redesigning your website.


Detailed analysis of your target customer. Do you target other businesses or consumers? What are they searching for? What keyword phrases do they use when searching for your services? What are their demographics? What problem or challenges are they trying to solve? Only after we have the answers to these questions do we develop a design concept that will get their attention, answer their pressing questions, and show you as the solution to their needs. Also note that we provide custom website design, not generic template solutions, to achieve your goals.

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After your Responsive Web Design has been approved by you, our development team will start on web development for the site. Professional Web developers will take your design concept and turn it into optimized Web pages, SEO optimized to rank well for the keyword phrases we've both agreed on. Client testimonials and announcements keep the site interesting for visitors and provide fresh content for Google to index. Our website platform includes our secure and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) allowing you the ability to make updates to the site 24/7 if you choose to.

Phoenix Web Development


Once you have approved the site we'll deploy it on our Web servers taking care of the Web hosting for you. Your website will never be off-line, your old site will simply disappear and your new SEO optimized site will take it's place. Moving forward, you'll never be in the unfortunate position of having your Web designer and hosting company blaming each other when something goes wrong. We ARE the web designer AND the hosting company, we'll promptly take care of any issues if they arise. We'll take responsibility and we monitor your homepage every 5 minutes making sure we are alerted to any issues with your site. Our low number ration of sites on a server makes for loading sites which decreases bounce rates and improves search rankings without spending lots of dollars on a dedicated web server.

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Now that your new site has been launced we'll get to work on dominating your online competition. Our Monthly SEO campaigns will lead to a constant supply of prospective customers to your site when they are looking for your services. Content marketing including blog posts, article publishing, and even video marketing which combined, work together to make sure your site is highly visible to prospects on Google.

Our service includes quick response times for support requests. If you need help we will be there for your company's needs. If your office manager wants some helping adding new information, or your V.P. of marketing simply wants to chat about a great idea he had, we are there for you. We even have a monthly e-newsletter where we share what's new in the industry with you. If you are ready to dominate your competition, give us a call today.

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