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Would you like to know what your website's health is? We'll provide you a % based score.

We'll also show you how many pages are...
  • Healthy without any issues
  • Broken - Pages that 404 error leaving site visitors wondering what went wrong
  • Have Issues of one kind or another that are hurting your site's search rankings on Google and other search engines
  • Redirects - Pages that redirect to a different destination which means the site is linking to the wrong location
  • Blocked - Is your robots.txt file telling GoogleBot to take a hike?
  • Duplicate Content - When multiple pages have the same information Google has to choose which page to display in the search results
We'll also give you a total number of Errors, Warnings and Notices of issues that are hurting you including whether or not your sitemap file is correct... you do have a sitemap right?
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Why Run a Site Audit for SEO?

Two reasons:

#1 - If you have just launched your website, a site audit is a quick check to ensure you haven't missed anything. A typo here or there can be disastrous if it's a link to another page or site. It's also a reminder to publish a sitemap so the search engines can get a quick list of all the pages of your website to crawl and index. Perhaps your page titles are too long or too short? Have you included a unique meta description on each page? We'll check for you to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

#2 - On the other hand, if your website has been around for months or years... please don't say decades! it's time for a check to ensure things haven't broken over time. Maybe links that once worked are now broken. Perhaps some pages are linked using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Using a security certificate on your site keeps Google and your site visitors happy that the site is secure. 

Other issues might include older insecure libraries and frameworks that could provide a security risk to both the site and your site visitors.

Why Choose BANG! for Your Website and SEO Needs

With over 26 years of experience, we know what works when it comes to having a website that performs well, producing sales or generating leads regularly for your company. Our SEO experience pre-dates Google when Yahoo was the dominant search engine, and a couple of exact match anchor text links were enough to drive a website to the top of the search results.

Times have changed, and tactics that worked years ago are taboo now and will likely hurt your site more than help it. No, sorry, but repeating your keyword phrase 100 times in white text on a white page isn't going to work.

Why not reach out to the pros at BANG! today to discuss how we build Websites With IMPACT! - Measurable Results Guaranteed. Put our website design and SEO services to work for you. Use the link below to schedule a free consult.

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