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Supercharging Every Opportunity - 3 SEO Tips for Success

by BANG! Website Design • June 25, 2016

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, but we've got another definition... Supercharging Every Opportunity!
SEO - Supercharging Every Opportunity

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about improving a websites search rankings for targeted keyword phrases. It's a service we provide for many of our clients, and in fact for some client's that's all we do for them. This blog post is about using every opportunity you can to "Supercharge" your SEO practices.

SEO Opportunity #1 - When adding a new page to your site, whether it's a typical Web page or a blog post, make sure you are giving some thought to the critical SEO areas such as the Title, H1, and body copy. Are you naming your title using keyword phrases you've researched? Or are you just guessing? Same for your H1 or headline. Are you using keyword phrases that people actually search for? If the answer is no to both of these questions than you are missing opportunities to have your site found for some new keyword phrases.

SEO Opportunity #2 - Does every listing for your company on-line include your website address? In general it should, though we need to be careful today to not get links from non-relevant or low quality sites. However sites like the BBB (Better Business Bureau), your local Chamber of Commerce, your industries association that you belong to are probably all safe link opportunities.

SEO Opportunity #3 - Are you crafting your links with keyword rich anchor text? While their is some discussion about overdoing keyword rich anchor text, as long as only a small percentage of your links uses keyword rich anchor text, and you mix up what that anchor text is (meaning don't have all the links using the same keyword phrase) you should be safe. Blog commenting for instance often lets you play with the anchor text a bit. Guest blogging is another area where you've got even more control over what that link text is. Again, are you choosing wisely using keyword phrases that people are actually searching for? Or guessing?

There's 3 ideas for improving your website's SEO. Have other favorites? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your favorite SEO tactics.