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SEO - Frequency and Momentum Matter

by BANG! Website Design • January 16, 2018

When we take on a new SEO Client, they are often surprised that we want to make changes, updates, or additions to their website on a very frequent basis. They've often not touched their website in months or even years, and they don't realize the negative impact this can have on their search rankings.

Google really likes to see frequent and regular changes to a website on an ongoing basis... momentum if you will. BANG! has been building websites and providing SEO services for many years, and we remember when it would often take months for a search engine to crawl and index a site and change the rankings for a website. Today though, is a different story, as we often see our client's websites crawled on a daily basis, with many pages crawled per day, as the image below shows and rankings changing on a daily basis.

SEO & Crawl Frequency

So what happens if Google continues to crawl your website and nothing changes? If the keyword phrases you are ranking for are the least bit competitive, your search rankings will eventually plummet.

Let's define competitive when it comes to SEO

One way to determine the competitiveness of a search phrase is to do the search and look to see how many of your competitors are ranking for the same term. For instance, if I search for Phoenix SEO Companies, I can go all the way to page 10 and still see relevant results. Obviously, this is a very competitive keyword phrase. The sheer size of the Phoenix market and the large number of companies providing this service all add up to lots of results and stiff competition for high rankings.

So what are some of the ways to compete for these search rankings? Since this blog post is about frequency and momentum, #1 on our list is frequent and regular updates to the website. Fresh content like blog posts, case studies, new pages, and even edits to existing pages and adding new content to them all count.

You probably didn't read last week's newspaper today, did you? Of course not. Old news, no one is interested. By the same token, Google wants to send its search results to the best as well as fresh and new content. Their feeling is that sites that produce fresh content are staying current and relevant. Sites with fresh content obviously haven't been abandoned, and the company is still in business. It's actually shocking how many websites are still live for companies no longer in business. Fresh content on a regular basis builds momentum and is heading toward success in Google's eyes.

If you are like many of our clients about now your thinking... "But there is nothing new in my business!" Here are a few ideas for coming up with content that may help you.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - When new customers walk in the door or call on the phone, what questions are they asking? Ask the receptionist... they are the ones that will know this answer.
  • Industry Updates - Maybe nothing is new in your business, but I'll bet in the industry you are in, there are trade publications and associations that are discussing trends and new developments. Use these topics to develop blog posts sharing your information and expertise.
  • Talk About What You Did Last Week - This is probably one of the easiest ones. Regardless of what business you are in, if you are still in business, you had customers last week. What did you do for them? What did they buy? What will they do with that new product? What will your new service allow them to do? Feature one project each week and you've got weekly updates for frequency and you will build momentum with your SEO efforts.
Need more help with your SEO efforts?  We understand that while we say it's easy, finding time and talent to develop content can be a challenge. We can help with that challenge! Give us a call at 602-427-5626 or contact us here and we'll schedule a time to review your efforts and propose a game plan that will get you visible in the search results, either again, or for the first time.