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SEO Certification Achieved by BANG! Web Site Design a Phoenix SEO Company

by BANG! Website Design • March 09, 2018

BANG! is proud to announce that we have received certification by SEMrush Academy Digital Marketing for SEO.

SEMrush Academy SEO Certification

SEMrush a respected leader in the SEO tools industry recently rolled out the SEMrush Academy which tests knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) particularly with SEMrush tools. BANG! is proud to announce we passed their 20 question test and received certification.

We are happy to see a leader like SEMrush provide this certification process as the SEO industry as a whole has been marred with practitioners not following industry best practices and without transparent reporting to their clients. Let's discuss those two points in detail.


SEO Best Practices

There are two camps of SEO Companies (and I suppose some that use some of both techniques on occasion). Those that do White Hat SEO and those that do Black Hat SEO. As you may be able to determine from the descriptions, the White Hat folks are the "good guys" following industry best practices, primarily supplied by Google as the appropriate way to perform SEO. The Black Hat SEO companies in comparison don't follow Google's guidelines, and engage in practices that may provide quick search position gains, at the risk of penalties from Google later that may leave the website harmed for some time. 

Black Hat SEO firms are gamblers, rolling the dice with tactics hoping for a quick win, even if that means a nightmare for the client down the road. In fairness there may be some occasions where quick gains and long term consequences aren't a concern. For instance an event a few months out that needs to get visibility right now, and after the event it really doesn't matter if the domain is tarnished in Google's eyes as the event has passed and a new domain and website will be used next time.

For our clients we never practice Black Hat SEO tactics as our clients are in it for the long term and don't want to risk manual penalties from Google that may be difficult or even impossible to correct.

We are pleased to say we have NEVER been hit with a manual penalty from Google for any of the sites we've built or perform SEO campaigns for!


SEO Transparency

One other issue the SEO industry has been plagued with is SEO firms treating SEO like a black box where the tasks they perform are hidden away from clients. They'll tell a client "Just trust us, we are doing all the right things." without sharing with a client what those things are. Our approach is to always be completely transparent with the client and share with them on a monthly basis the tasks that have been performed during that month and what the results of those tasks have yielded in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Clear and concise tracking of what the original search positions were, where they have been, and where they are now displayed in a nice color coded table making it easy to see the search engine ranking results.

We also list each task that was performed during that month. No black box, no hiding from the client what we are doing. Just transparent reporting of our SEO efforts for the client.

If you would like a sample of our reporting just fill out our Request For Quote form and we'll be in touch.


Phoenix SEO Company You Can Count On

If you are ready to work with a Phoenix SEO firm that you can count on to deliver results and provide clear and accurate reporting of those results and the tactics being used to achieve them get in touch with us today at 602-427-5626 and Extension 1 for sales.