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Revenue Increase of 4.4 Times or V + C = P Proven

by BANG! Website Design • February 16, 2018

We don't often hear back from our clients with specific details in regard to revenue that has resulted from SEO and our Website redesign projects. They may think we'll charge them more (we won't!). However, one trusting client recently shared their lead tracking and revenue from the Internet Marketing, Website Design, and SEO work we are doing for them.

4.4 Times Revenue Increase from Website Redesign and SEO
Note: Revenue increases shown above are only for leads generated and customers sold from Website driven inquiries.

Getting started with Internet Marketing

For this Scottsdale, Arizona client, we started working on their Internet Marketing in early Spring by fixing their NAP (Name, Address & Phone) data and their Google My Business page information. This alone set their revenue moving in the right direction.

Website Design

In May, we launched a temporary homepage and contact form using their new website design and paying careful attention to their NAP, and implementing markup on their NAP data in the footer. Their previous website was a DIY attempt using a popular hosting company's Web platform.

Website Development

In October, after careful analysis of keyword phrases their customers were using, we launched the full website. A fresh new look that the client categorized as "Sexy, Fun & Entertaining". Easy-to-use contact forms on every page of the site encouraged site visitors to contact the client. Optimized for multiple keyword phrases and Geo-targeted to their Scottsdale market, we continued to see an increase in both traffic and lead generation, which led to hefty 3rd Quarter revenue boosts.


Now with a fresh, mobile-friendly website, SEO optimized and ready to convert, we started a Monthly SEO Campaign to drive revenue even higher. A combination of fresh new content additions to the website, along with a strategic link-building campaign, resulted in rapid improvements to the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Monthly reporting of keyword rankings and inbound link increases has shown a steady increase in site rankings. While we've still got work to do, with a solid budget and game plan in place we know over time we'll achieve the results the client was looking for. They couldn't be happier with the results they were seeing, and even though we told them it would happen, they were still shocked when they looked at the dollars and cents at the end of the year.

V+C=P (Visibility + Credibility = Profitability)

While we've always felt the V+C=P formula worked, it was rewarding when a client shared their actual numbers for Google and Website generated jobs. Visibility from SEO, especially focusing on local and map-based listings, plus establishing credibility with a fresh and professional website, has led to profitability for this business.

Ready for profitability in your company? If your website and Internet Marketing aren't delivering profits for you, contact us. We'll provide a free analysis of your current efforts and propose a solution that will increase your revenue as well.