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Internet Marketing: The V + C = P Formula

by BANG! Website Design • February 19, 2016
An easy to use formula for successful Internet Marketing. This video explains the formula and tells you the keys to success. Full transcript of the video below...

Thanks for watching. I'm Brian Rideout, the Chief Pixel Pusher of BANG! Web Site Design. BANG has been helping our clients succeed on-line since 1996. For those of you that know your Internet history that's well before Google even existed. While we feel that a core part of any Internet Marketing Strategy is a Website, today it can take more than just a website to succeed and certainly to outdistance your competition on-line. In this video I'm going to share a simple formula that leads to a successful Internet Marketing strategy.

But before we dig in... let's define what Internet Marketing is? My definition is pretty short, and to most business owners very sweet. Using Technology or Internet
Based Media to Increase $ales. Simple enough. Sound good to you?

Ok, so what is the formula?

The formula is V + C = P. And I have to confess I didn't come up with this formula. I've been a BNI Member for going on 17 years and this formula was shared at a BNI National Convention. What I've done is applied this formula to Internet Marketing. So what do V, C and P stand for?

V stands for visibility.

Internet Marketing MUST make you visible when and where prospective client's or customers, however you refer to them, are looking for your product or service. When is a matter of timing. If you run a Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign for instance you can't run out of daily budget at Noon, and expect someone to find you when they are searching in the evening. Where is a bigger challenge as today there are many choices when it comes to where. 

It's easy to be narrow thinking and assume prospects are searching on Google, or perhaps Yahoo or BING...

Afterall on Google alone there are at least 4 different ways to be visible... 
AdWords or the Pay-Per Click Ads at the top and down the right side.

And if it's a product based search, google will show image based ads for the product you are searching for
Local Search Results which will show when a search phrase includes a geographic qualifier like a city name such as Phoenix, and sometimes even if you don't. These results are heavily influenced by local SEO tactics.

And then there are the Natural Search Results or as some call them organic. These results are entirely driven by SEO or Search Engine Optimization tactics. A little known fact, 80% of people skip past the ads and look at the natural search results when conducting a search. For many it's a matter of trust as they know the ads are paid for.
But Search engines aren't the only place your clients or customers may be looking.

Social Media has taken the world by storm and has introduced new opportunities for advertisers
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest... the list goes on and on with new social media sites springing up regularly.

And then there's YouTube... the 2nd most frequently searched Web property. That's why we include Video Marketing in most of our Internet Marketing campaigns.
These are just a couple of ideas of where to be visible to your prospects.

Let's move on to the C in our formula which stands for Credibility. Now that we've made you visible, we need to make sure your credibility is sufficient to have a prospect contact you. 

What is credibility? According to Webster it's the quality of being believed or accepted as true, real or honest.

My own definition is being trusted as someone great to do business with.
So how do we do that?

Trust is the Key, pun intended.  So how do we establish trust and appear honest.

After all we want prospects to trust us and be willing to do business with us. It really starts with first impressions.

For many that will be your website. Is it professionally designed and present a great image? Is your brand presented in a positive manner? Is it easy to contact you?

Are there 3rd party symbols of trust? Such as or Trust Guard seals?

Today it's mandatory that a site work well on not only desktop and laptop computers but tablets and smartphones as well. Does your site use responsive web design to optimize itself for each visitor regardless of their device?

What about reviews from satisfied customers?

How close to a 5 star rating are you?

Or do you have testimonials from clients saying how great you are? Perhaps you have white papers or case studies as well, showcasing how you've helped others.
All these little signals add up to provide credibility. You are going to need credibility before a prospect will reach out and say let's do business together. Which leads us to the P in our formula.

P is for profitability. 

The ability of a business to earn a profit or stated even simpler as Making Money. Some people think of profit as a dirty word, yet without it, you can't stay in business to provide client's or customers future services or products. A business MUST be profitable to survive, let alone grow.

Some say money can't buy happiness and they are likely right. But a business owner without profit, certainly isn't going to be happy at work. So shoot for Profitability, grow your company and provide your client's the products and services that you've worked so hard to become Visible and Credible for to complete the formula!

So there you have it our formula for successful Internet Marketing V + C = P, or as you now know, Visibility + Credibility = Profitability! If you need help becoming visible, credible, and most importantly profitable, give us a call.

BANG has been helping our clients succeed on-line since 1996 and we'd like to make YOU our next success story.