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Internet Marketing - Scams to Avoid

by BANG! Website Design • April 08, 2016

Ever get an e-mail saying that your website does not rank well or it has errors, etc? Here's the truth behind those messages...

#1 - No matter how local they act, our experience is they are generally coming from either India or the Philippines.

Those scam e-mails are likely coming from India...
When we track down where the e-mails originate from, whether it's a direct e-mail or a contact form submission, even when they say "New York, New York" (that's a common location they spoof), they are really coming from a country with a very low cost of labor. They are paying someone a few bucks an hour, maybe even per day, to sit there and spam website contact forms with their message. It's also likely that the firm they are working for isn't even in the U.S.

Website and SEO Clueless

#2 - Don't believe me? Take a look at this message I received (yes, these idiots even spam website designers to redesign their website). Here are a couple of excerpts from the message...

We are experts in Search Engine optimization (SEO) and can rank you website"... (should have been your website).

"...and we have good experience in optimizing..."  

Good experience, huh? English as a 2nd language? Bad translation program? Regardless, trust me, you don't want these people working on your website!

Here are a few more from "Susan" in "Colorado"...

"Don’t you think to start a fresh and better internet campaign?"

"Yes, you must be interested to drag revenue by putting your website top in search engines."

"Deprived website content"

"Stumpy image optimization"
(Does anyone have a clue what stumpy image optimization is???)

" to serve you with best inputs."

"On interest, we could send you more details"

And here's the one with the best advice! "If you still want us to not contact you, you can ignore this email...". Sounds like a good plan to me! I never claim to be the best writer in the world, but wow! Susan really needs to go back to school.

#3 - The person filling out the form likely has no clue whether your website is good or bad.

Really! The person sending those e-mails is hired to send e-mails. They may even be paid per e-mail they send. Do you really think they are going to analyze your website, comb through it for errors, and only contact you if they find something? No, it's copy and paste a message and blast it away. It's all a numbers game to them, and even if they HAD the knowledge, they aren't going to take the time to view your website. They likely looked at the homepage only long enough to find the Contact Us button.

#4 - The message often says, "Your website isn't being found for your keyword phrases."

Oh really, and you know what keyword phrases I targeted? I really get a kick out of it when I get that one as we generally rank in the #1 spot for the keyword phrases we have targeted.

So what should you do after receiving one of these messages? Well, it depends...

If you are one of our clients and on a monthly SEO Campaign program, just delete it. We've got you covered!

If you aren't on a monthly SEO Campaign, let's talk. The message from "Susan" obviously got your attention, probably because you aren't getting as much traffic and lead generation from your website as you would like. We can help. We've got strategies we can implement starting as low as $500 per month to improve your search rankings and get you more site visitors, which will lead to increased sales. Google's latest search result page changes have made it more difficult to be visible. There are typically three distinct areas on the search results page... Ads populated from the Google AdWords program, Local search results showing business locations on a map, and then the natural or organic search results. We've got tactics that will help with all three areas. Our work is completely transparent and includes weekly or monthly reports of activity and results. Remember our tagline... Websites With IMPACT! Measurable Results Guaranteed! We mean that and will deliver and document those results. Ready for some Internet Marketing help? Call us at 602.427-5626 or reach us by e-mail using our Contact form.

Special thanks to Cara McGinnis from the Twist Agency (social media marketing) for the ammunition and inspiration for this post.