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How Does Blogging Help SEO Results?

by BANG! Website Design • September 18, 2015

Why Blog? To Increase Your Search Rankings, Visibility & TrafficGood question. Here's my answer...

And I'm going to start with a question... How often do you read last week's newspaper (if you read newspapers at all...)?

The answer is not very often. Google's thinking is similar. Why would they want to send people (their customers who have come to Google to search on a topic) to last week's news? Answer, they generally don't. Unless the search is historical, like when did Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address, Google wants to send people to the most relevant and newest material. That's where the blog comes in.

Three Reasons to Blog Regularly

#1 - Posting regularly to a blog, and by regularly I mean weekly, convinces Google that you are providing new and relevant content on your topic, in your case pumps and their applications. Google labels this "Frequency", meaning how often is the site updated with new information. They reward sites with frequent new information with higher rankings.

#2 - From a keyword perspective, your blog gives you additional opportunities to include new long tail keyword phrases. Think 5 or more words that include your primary keyword phrases, i.e. Can I use a Chemical Metering Pump for anti-freeze? A blog post about that topic is going to be relevant to Metering Pumps and may hit the nail on the head for someone's search (we can give you a list of long tail searches using the words metering pump).

#3 - Lastly, all other things being equal, Google will position a larger site with more pages above one that has fewer. A blog is an inexpensive way to slowly and regularly build your site's size. Google is also showing a preference for long content... think 1,000 words plus. So short and sweet in a blog won't be as effective as long posts.

To summarize: Blog to Increase Your Search Rankings, Visibility & Traffic

Since I started seriously blogging (meaning weekly) I've noticed a steady increase in rankings, visibility (meaning how often I show up in the search results) and traffic to the site. I strongly encourage you to get back on the horse and keep that content coming.

Follow Up: 10/19/15 Our client, Madden Manufacturing got back in the game and continued to post regularly. While assisting them with their on-line marketing I noticed the results of their efforts.

The screen shot below is the Google results page for a search for blowdown tank. At the top of the search listings Google actually quoted their page and linked to it as the #1 result! Farther down their blog post "What does a blow down separator do?" ranks above a 2nd listing for "Blowdown Tanks for Boilers page". 3 of the 10 listings excluding ads are yours! You are truly dominating this SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) page. Keep up the good work guys it does help your rankings!