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BANG! Named a Top SEO Firm in Phoenix by

by BANG! Website Design • March 30, 2021

Top SEO Firms in, a website that helps small business owners choose the right firms for their website, SEO, and Internet Marketing needs, just listed BANG! as one of their Top SEO Firms in Phoenix. Competing against 75 other firms for the Top title, BANG! is proud to have made their "Best" list.

While their list of industry types we serve listed Aerospace, Construction & Travel, we actually handle many other industries, including legal and professional service firms.

We've been providing search engine optimization services since shortly after the Internet started. We remember fondly the days when Yahoo was the biggest game in town, and some well-crafted anchor text and a few links were the magic bullets to Yahoo rankings. Alas, the days of "cheap and easy" SEO are long gone, and it takes a well-structured and consistent effort and a fair amount of time to improve the rankings for a business website that has the least amount of competition in a large geographic area. Phoenix, with its nearly 5 million people, of course, qualifies as large since we recently rose to the 5th largest city in the country. We have very few clients that don't have many competitors competing for the same keyword rankings in the same town. Even so, we've always managed, in time, to put our clients at the top of the search results. SEO isn't a quick fix, but it's the best solution to get traffic to your website.

Our strategy of "SEO First" when it comes to website design gives us a head start over some SEO  firms. By analyzing how a company's prospects are searching for their product or service, we know before the first line of code is written how to structure the site, what content needs to be developed, and how we are going to get them to the top of the search rankings, on Google and Bing!.

While the industry as a whole has suffered in the past from a "black box" approach and not being transparent with SEO customers, we've taken a very transparent approach with our clients. We provide monthly reporting of a client's current and past rankings, current and past link profiles, and the activities performed during the month to achieve those results. We never want our clients to have to ask what we are doing for them. In fact, we prefer to make them so busy taking care of their new customers who found them online that wondering if their SEO is working is the farthest thing from their minds.

If your search rankings aren't where you want them to be or your current firm isn't achieving results for you, reach out. We are happy to explain how we work and share the results we've obtained for our clients.