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Affordable SEO for Lawyers

by Brian Rideout • July 07, 2022

Most people do not have a personal lawyer on their phones speed dial. When they have a legal question they want to talk to an attorney about, they go to Google and search for a lawyer. The higher your law firm website ranks in the Google search results, the more potential clients you will attract. All you need to do is close a few of these prospects and your firm's revenue increases.

The process of ranking well on Google is called search engine optimization (SEO). Your law practice needs to implement a comprehensive SEO campaign to find its website on the first page of the search results.

Affordable SEO for Lawyers

If you do not have enough time or resources to practice SEO on your own, then you should look online for a digital marketing agency that specializes in attorney and law firm SEO. However, you will notice that legal SEO is super expensive and not affordable for many sole practitioners or smaller firms.

At BANG! Web Site Design, we offer affordable SEO for lawyers. Our SEO services will help your law firm generate more leads from organic search and stand out in the competitive online market. For over 20+ years, we have helped our legal clients improve their keyword rankings and increase their percentage of client conversions.

In the following post, we will explain why your law firm needs SEO services and review the top SEO tasks for law firms in 2022.


Why Every Law Firm Needs SEO Services

Do you practice law in a competitive market? Is your law firm competing against other firms with larger marketing budgets? Are you a small or new law firm struggling to increase your market share?

Most attorneys will answer yes to one or more of these questions. If you want your law firm to receive a steady stream of prospective clients, then you must prioritize finding a digital marketing agency that offers affordable SEO for attorneys.

It is next to impossible for small law firms to compete against larger firms that have lots of money and want to rank for every possible keyword. However, by targeting the right keywords with the right search intent, along with an optimized website, you can attract clients that are best suited for your law firm.

Affordable SEO for Lawyers - Actual Ranking Results

Actual results achieved for a client over a year. Client's rankings when we started on the left and the progression over time of his rankings until they are all on the first page of Google's search results.

An experienced SEO team will create a custom, local SEO campaign that targets people near your legal practice. Some of the top strategies for local SEO include the following:
  • Fully optimizing your Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business / GMB profile)
  • Monitoring your local citation links
  • Increasing your inbound and outbound links
  • Improving your on-page SEO
  • Boosting your online reputation with quality reviews

Investing in affordable local SEO services will give your law firm its best chance of succeeding in the online marketplace.

While every website is different, the best SEO agencies generally agree that 4-6 months is the standard amount of time for you to notice a significant improvement in your website’s SEO performance.

SEO is not a one-time investment. It is a series of important tasks performed monthly on a preset retainer fee on an ongoing basis. This is the best bet when it comes to attorney SEO marketing efforts.


Top SEO Tasks for Law Firms in 2022

As we mentioned above, every website is different and requires a different assortment of SEO strategies. However, there are 4 essential SEO elements that your law firm should implement to improve its online presence and local SEO visibility.

On-Page SEO

If it ain’t on the page, then it ain’t on the stage. This popular acting phrase applies perfectly to law firm SEO. If your website content does not contain important content with the right headings, keyword phrases, image tags, internal links and external links, then the top of the Google search page will have your competitor's web pages listed, not yours. That is why we begin our campaigns for every law practice website with online keyword research.

Also, while word count is not a Google rankings factor, the search engine does expect your content to offer readers relevant information and answer their questions. You should make your content as comprehensive as possible to satisfy both your readers and Google’s algorithm.


Off-Page SEO

Equally as important as on-page SEO, off-page SEO refers to any action you take away from your website to improve its SEO performance. There are many types of off-page SEO techniques that a legal SEO expert uses to achieve tangible results.

Link building is one of the most important parts of off-page SEO. You must acquire high-authority links to give your website the boost it needs to outrank your competitors. In our experience, the best link-building strategies include creating well-written content, leveraging local directories and acquiring local sponsorships.

In addition to link building, content marketing also falls under the category of off-page SEO. Any piece of content you publish on the internet counts as content creation and a constant flow of new material will deliver great results.

This includes guest posting, releasing press releases, creating social media posts and more. Getting reviews for your website or GMB listing also counts as content marketing.

Responsive Web Design

Along with on-page and off-page SEO, having a responsive web design can significantly impact your SEO performance and strengthen your company’s online presence. There are two reasons for this. First, more than 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile site visitors. Second, Google now indexes your website based on how it appears on mobile devices.

Simply put, if you want to move up the Google search rankings, then you must have a website design that is mobile-friendly and Google-approved. Nothing on your website should change or become unusable if someone uses a mobile phone to access your website.

How can you tell if your website is mobile-friendly? Google has a mobile-friendly testing tool that you can use to tell if your web design meets their standards quickly. The test will show you what your website homepage looks like on a mobile phone and give you a list of recommendations to improve your website’s mobile experience.


Technical SEO

Finally, technical SEO plays a major role in the success of your website’s SEO marketing campaign. Technical SEO refers to any website or server optimizations that help Google find, index, crawl, and better understand your web pages.

A digital marketing company that offers affordable SEO for lawyers can help you fine-tune and perfect your technical SEO implementation.

For example, an experienced digital strategist will know how to fix the biggest technical SEO mistakes damaging websites. These mistakes include but are not limited to:
  • Having pages or your site set to Noindex
  • Failing to have an XML sitemap
  • A missing or incorrect robots.txt file
  • Multiple versions of your website’s homepage
  • Slow page speed

As you can see, the best site, in the search engine's opinion, is more than just a beautiful WordPress site and a few local business citations. If you want to be found for searches in your local area, you will want the best SEO company your budget allows. A team of SEO experts with years of SEO knowledge and many years of experience will satisfy your online marketing needs.


Why Hire BANG! Web Site Design for Your Law Firm SEO?

Increasing your website traffic is comparable to having a billboard on the side of the highway. A billboard will get more people to notice your business. However, if none of these people become customers or clients, then you have wasted your marketing efforts.

The same is true of website traffic. Any basic SEO strategist can attract more visitors to your website. However, if none of your website visitors become customers or clients, then nothing in your business has changed.

At BANG! Web Site Design, we specialize in conversion optimization and will help your law firm convert your website traffic into client conversions. We will create content pages targeting people who need your legal expertise and create blog posts targeting people with questions about your area of practice.

Our SEO team will make sure to highlight your experience, authority, and trustworthiness throughout your website. This is known as E.A.T in the SEO industry. Both Google and your readers need to know that you are an authoritative source in your field of law.

Not only will this encourage people to pick up the phone and schedule an initial consultation, but it will give Google confidence that readers can trust the validity and accuracy of your content. This will result in the search engine prioritizing your content and pushing it further up the search engine results pages (SERPs), leading more prospects to your legal practice.


Custom SEO Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

At any given moment, someone in your local area is looking for legal help and researching law firms on Google. SEO is the best way for your law firm to reach those who need your legal advice and counsel. Without SEO, your target audience will find another law firm to handle their case.

With a strong lawyer SEO marketing campaign, you can make sure that people find your website when they search for the legal services you offer. Our SEO specialists have extensive experience creating custom SEO campaigns for clients in the following fields of law.
  • Admiralty (Maritime) Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business (Corporate) Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law
  • And More!

At BANG! Web Site Design, we have over 20+ years of experience developing successful SEO strategies for lawyers and law firms. We will create your digital marketing strategy based on your area of practice, geographic location, and current placement on the SERPs.

Our SEO team will monitor your search engine results monthly, making changes to your SEO campaign when needed. We stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and will make sure your website remains in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We want you to receive a return on your investment when you use our custom SEO services for attorneys and law firms.


Do You Need Affordable SEO for Lawyers?

BANG! Web Site Design has helped many law firms grow their online presence and generate high-quality leads. Our SEO services are affordable and worth every penny. We promise to deliver results that will help you gain a leg up on your competitors and increase your profit margins.

In addition to SEO for law firms, we offer custom website design and development. Please review our website design portfolio for attorneys and lawyers to see some of our latest web design projects. We will improve the look and functionality of your website. This will increase the likelihood of site visitors reaching out to your law firm.

Too much time has passed, and the Yellow Pages don't work anymore, but local SEO means more targeted leads for your attorneys.

Contact us today at 602-427-5626, extension 1 for sales, to schedule an initial consultation with our Phoenix web design and SEO company. We service lawyers and law firms across the nation, so do not hesitate to call us even if you are outside of Arizona. You can also schedule a free SEO website audit that we offer to all our potential clients.

You can also schedule a free 30 minute SEO consult here.


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About the Author

Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher of BANG! Web Site Design is an industry veteran (sounds better than old guy right?) who started building websites in 1996 when dial-up, modems, Netscape, and 640 x 480 resolution monitors with 256 colors were state of the art.

We stumbled into SEO by "accident" when we got a client ranked #2 on Yahoo (remember, this was the 90's) for an extremely competitive keyword phrase, and they sold out of all the products they had. With a little reverse engineering, we learned what Yahoo was looking for and applied our SEO experience to other clients and then to Google when they became the dominant search engine.

We continued to build websites for small business's in the Phoenix market as well as companies across the country. Our approach of "SEO 1st Website Design" has resulted in many businesses, particularly in the building trades such as contractors and plumbers, as well as law firms, to rank at the top of Google's results which keeps our clients supplied with a constant stream of new customers.

We continue to provide website design, website development, hosting, SEO services, and digital marketing for Phoenix companies. More information about the company can be found on our About Us page. Click the following link for examples of our award-winning website design work.