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6 Ways to Sell Your Boss on an SEO Campaign for Your Company Website

by BANG! Website Design • August 14, 2015

6 Ways to Sell your boss on SEOYou probably know that over 80% of Internet users regularly use search engines, and 74% of these people use search engines to aid their buying decisions, but your boss may not know that. She may not know that if her company website is not showing near the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), then she is losing out on potential customers, and conceding the on-line marketing space to her competitors. In this Blog Post, I will share six ways you can sell your boss on an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign for your company's website.

1) Tell her that SEO works to attract customers who are searching for her products or services, but do not know her business by name. 

Your boss already knows that potential customers often get defensive and back away when traditionally sales approaches are used. Times are changed and the customer is now in charge of the sales process. They simply Google what they are looking for. Tell her that the search engine does all of the prospecting for her. All that is required is hiring the right SEO firm to get the company website ranked on the first page of the search engine results. The closer she gets the website to position one on page one, the more customers the business will be visible to.

2) Tell her that SEO is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing. 

Let her know that she will spend far less for SEO than what she is spending right now on traditional marketing. Explain how a good SEO campaign truly is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing, because SEO is a long-term investment. Once a website ranks near the top of search results, maintaining that ranking is extremely cost effective. Remember, your company's website is always on - 100% of the time, and always working to drive customers to your company. Where traditional advertising media campaigns are only effective when they are running - maybe 5% of the time.

3) Show her how SEO campaigns deliver an extraordinary ROI - often in excess of 500%. 

Ask your boss what other forms of advertising can deliver a return on investment greater than 500%. Let her know that an SEO campaign, done properly, will be the most powerful tool at her disposal for attracting new and repeat business, and it can pay for itself at least 5 times over!

4) Tell her that your company's biggest competitors are all using SEO campaigns to motivate repeat business and to drive new sales.

Show her the search engine results for your particular niche, and let her see that SEO is one of the biggest advantages your company's competitors have over you. They are using SEO campaigns to promote themselves, to find new customers, and to increase their sales volume dramatically. Tell her these competitors have committed to large SEO budgets and are not afraid to continue spending in this area. The choice is either to get on board with the idea of effective SEO as part of your monthly advertising budget or be left in the dust by your competition. Do not forget to tell her that 80% of people ignore the paid ads at the top.

5) Sell her on exclusivity.

Tell her that there is still one exclusively reserved spot for your company - first position of the first page of the search engine results. Let her know the importance of that spot, and how all of your competition is trying to get to that spot and stay there. Let her know the main benefit of this position is that most people recognize a company in the first position has the highest authority in your niche - and will draw more attention than the rest of the competition. Explain that the first position gets three times as many clicks as the number two position!

6) Tell her SEO can build your company's reputation and increase trust in your company's brand.

Let her know that a large number of potential clients are always searching for the services or products your company offers. By building and maintaining your company's brand and image through an effective SEO campaign, she will not only increase the public's perception of the business but instill confidence in potential customers that your company should be the one they choose.

If that all sounds like a lot of work, why not just forward her a link to this blog post?

At BANG! Web Site Design, we specialize in creating high ROI (Return On Investment) websites and SEO campaigns that will truly take your business to the next level, and eventually position your company at the top of the leaderboard! Once you've convinced the boss, have her Contact Us here, or call us at 602-427-5626 ext 1 for sales.